Camp Shields
March 23, 62 V.A.

Friend Harford

I had the pleasure of perusing a few lines from your hand last eve. Though they were few I was much pleased to read them. Many weeks have passed since I wrote to you but received no letter until last night. I am always willing to answer letters from Friends at Home. When I wrote to you we was in Romney. Since that time we have been at many different villages always after the Cecess. but cannot get a fight out of them. We came to this place to fight Jackson and all his crew at Winchester but the coward run. A few days ago we heard that he was going to make a stand at Strawsburg which is (23) miles from our camp and 19 from Winchester. On the morning of the 18th we marched for Strawsburg, arrived within 4 or 5 miles when a skirmish ensued. They burned a fine bridge which stopped us for the night. The next morning we crossed on timbers that fell from the burned bridge, marched into the place. Soon after they commenced shelling us. The first shell that was thrown was at us as we was ordered out a skirmishline to find where they was. When we arrived upon a hill opposite them they threw a shell at us. It struck about 40 feet from us. I will cut my letter short as the mail is ready to leave. It will be unfinished, much more I could tell you but time will not permit.

Friend Creg.